2 Day Safari, The Great Giant Walk of Sumatra Jungle

Experience the most exciting adventure only in The Great Giant Walk Safari in Way Kambas Lampung, the price per person, includes:
• Transfers: Jakarta-Lampung (Way Kambas)
• Lodging: Stay in Bandar Lampung (Min. 3 Stars Hotels)
• Food: 3x a day
• Activity: Elephant Training School, Safari Way Kambas (Age Min. 17 years old), Football Elephant, Elephant Museum, Way Kambas Conservatorium

Booking now and experience an unforgettable experience!

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  • YuliaVolodymyrivna

    я дійсно люблю екскурсії, битий траса була складною і важкою на цілому це було веселе подорож Суматра

  • Irina Pleshchova

    Wow! Great to have a safari with such a beaten track with the elephant on-board!

  • ChristianAeldra

    These activities was quite pleasant but they should have mentioned that it takes approximately 8 hours/day. So you need to be fit and ready for this adventure.