Tour de Sumatera 9D10N

Hello, my name is Ramirez.

Although I’m new here but i’ve lived in Indonesia for a very long time.

Here I want to give you a travel experience of a lifetime within Sumatera Island.

We will take a land route similar with de Tour de Singkarak and The Tour de Sumatera, with below details:


Day 1: Start from Jakarta to Bandarlampung, we will take a ferry to cross the Sunda Strait, enjoy the Lampung City tour and stay in the Way Kambas, Elephant Village.

The biggest elephant sanctuary in Asia.


Day 2: Way Kambas National Park Safari! Let’s get it on, and get your ass on board that big elephant and go cross Sumatera. This is the ultimate experience where you can cross river, swamp, hike mountain, walkthrough jungle on top of an elephant. Forest Troopers will protect us from Tigers and Crocs that are all around!


Day 3: Lampung to Palembang, we are going to leave South Sumatera and enter the city of Pempek. This a classical town where Chinese and Sumatera people mixing together, creating a unique experience of culinary tastes, architecture, and seafaring oriental ambiance.


Day 4: Palembang to Jambi. This is the big oxygen loop hole where the world’s biggest palm oil plantations are located. We are going to stay on top of the Kerinci Mountain inside the National Park and visit the enormous homogeneous plantation like never before! This the place where WILDFIRE occurred on yearly basis and smoke the hell out of Singaporean lunge. Must visited place!


Day 5: Jambi to Pekanbaru. Do you ever wonder why Indonesian feat almost similar with Malaysian? well that’s because Pekanbaru is the birth place of the original ancestor of Malaysian people.

The center of Sumatera is well located between two big ocean and next to the strait of Malacca.


Day 6. Pekanbaru to Bukittinggi.

We are going to visit the Gadang Clocktower, a gift from the Kingdom of The Netherlands and experience the infamous Kelok 9, of which claimed so many lives since its inauguration date.


Day 7. Bukittinggi to Tarutung. You like the Gaulic stories of Asterix and Obelix? this is where it begin, where wild boars are roaming wild and locals hunt and eat them like crazy. We are going to visit the giant Christ Cross on top of Silinding Mountain and enjoy various traditional dancing from the surrounding tribes of Batak people.


Day 8. Tarutung to Samosir Island.

Do you know what is the biggest inner island lake in the universe?? It’s the TOBA Lake of North Sumatera. A very gorgeous place with Samosir Island in the center of the lake.


Day 9. Samosir to Banda Aceh.

Welcome to the terrace of Mecca. Aceh is the only islamic province where woman has to wear head veil unless you want to taste the spike whip of the Shariaa Police Officer.

Nevertheless the northest  part of Sumatra deliver an ambiance like you never experience before in Asia Pacific.


The tour is IDR 9,700,000 per Person

+Include all means of transportation required (plane, bus, boat, etc) from Jakarta-Aceh-Jakarta

+Include 3-meals a day

+Include lodging/accommodation fee during the tour


Get it now while it last!

Booking for group need at least 4 people.

Contact me: RAMIREZ – Mobile: +62-811-887-0808

English and Spanish Speaking



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